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Equal Opportunities Policy

Policy Statement
Julia’s Dance Studio fully accept and welcome that society consists of many diverse groups and individuals and this diversity is an asset to the community, we also recognise that certain groups and individuals are discriminated against and we are opposed to this.
Julia’s Dance Studio recognise that we have a moral and legal responsibility to promote equal opportunities and we will pursue equality in all of our work.
This policy has been prepared to set out Julia’s Dance Studio commitment and as a statement of its intent. The Policy applies to everyone who works for, or attends Julia’s Dance Studio.

It is the aim of Julia’s Dance Studio to comply with the legal requirements of the:

Equality Act 2010

Employees have the role of assisting the elimination of unfair treatment and promoting equal opportunities. They can ensure that the policy is carried out by:  
Being aware of how their own behaviour can impact on others
Support colleagues, students and customers who suffer such treatment
Being open minded to people’s differences
Making it clear if behaviour is unacceptable

Students have the responsibility to promote equal opportunities by:
Leading by example
Show awareness of the needs of others relating to equal opportunities
Treating staff and peers with respect

The Manager has overall responsibility for the monitoring and development of this policy. The Managers role is:
Communicate with employees to ensure that they understand and implement the policy
Respond to complaints regarding unfair treatment
Monitor the effectiveness of the policy

Julia’s Dance Studio will take whatever steps are necessary including, if appropriate, use of the disciplinary mechanisms laid out in the code of conduct, to enforce the Policy. In addition, anyone connected to Julia’s Dance Studio, helper, staff member or volunteer who considers that he/she is suffering from unequal treatment on any grounds may use this policy to bring it to the managers attention for action.
The Manager will bring to the attention of all members, staff and volunteers the provisions of the policy and will provide such training as is necessary to ensure the effective implementation of the Policy.
The Manager will have responsibility for the operation of the Policy. However, all staff, volunteers and members have a duty to do everything they can to ensure that the Policy operates in practice.
This Policy will be reviewed annually to ensure effective implementation.


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