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At Julia’s Dance Studio we offer Pre Pointe classes to students on an invitation only basis. These classes are offered to boys and girls. The boys will develop their core and leg strength, agility, technique and control. The girls will further develop and strengthen the muscles necessary to dance en pointe. Many factors are involved in Pre Pointe readiness, including the strength of the feet, legs and ankles, a maturity towards their dance training, commitment to classes and correct ballet technique. Students will  be advised by their teacher as to when they are ready for pointe work and will  be required to continue with their usual ballet class alongside the Pre Pointe lesson. 

Vocational classes

This is the next stage for Pre Pointe students. These classes are invitation only and students work towards vocational exams which are held at the Royal Academy of Dance headquarters in London. At Julia’s Dance Studio we expect students in these classes to be taking at least two vocational classes a week plus their graded class, to enable them to achieve their full potential.

Pointe Work Class, Non Syllabus

This class is open to all students who have started pointe work and wish to strengthen their technique, alignment and control. This class is tailored to suit the needs of all students and to have fun whilst developing the strength needed to sustain a class en pointe.         


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